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Concierge Service at Nomadic Exotics

Get ready to experience the automotive revolution with our extraordinary Nomadice Exotics Auto Concierge Service. We are on a mission to redefine the way you buy and own a car, bringing you a level of convenience, value, and sophistication that will leave you speechless. Brace yourself for the wow factor as we present our comprehensive range of benefits, guaranteeing an automotive journey like no other.

Explanation of the Process

1. Schedule your free consultation.
i. This will be an up to 30-minute call where we will discuss the process, all your vehicle preferences, pricing, financing, and turnaround time.

2. Pay deposit and sign Concierge service agreement.
i. This kicks off services and gives us consent to start working for you.

3. Make a vehicle selection.
i. We will send you vehicle options that match your preferences and criteria. You select which one you would like to move forward with.

4. Sign closing documentation.
i. Sign final sale documents which includes DMV legal documents.

5. Obtain possession of your new vehicle!
i. You will either pick it up from our location or accept front door delivery depending on what was arranged in your deal.

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